Craters of Moon National Monument, in Idaho.
Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho.

Bradley Naranch


I founded Sempervirens117.com in 2016, after having spent the first part of my career in higher education as a historian, educator, and scholar. There, I witnessed firsthand the limits academics face in enacting change in the contemporary world in ways that can put into practice transformative economic and political agendas that large numbers of people in the U.S. and elsewhere can support.

Sempervirens117.com is based in the Santa Cruz Mountains town of Woodside, California. Its mission is to assist Silicon Valley companies in designing greener products and promoting sustainable Earth agendas on their online platforms.

In 2021, I am offering four different team training sessions in natural open spaces in the mountains and along the coastline of the San Francisco Bay Area, followed by group discussions at local restaurants or wineries and subsequent online feedback on the results of the exercise.

The goal of each session is to develop divergent thinking skills, introduce participants to alternative forms of collective leadership, and encourage them to develop their own style of work-life harmony that includes more time spent in nature. For details please see the Omega Wolf Trails main page.

My client list is small, but it is growing. I hope that you, too, will be impressed enough by the content of my site to get in touch with me directly so that you might learn more about what I can do to assist your own company’s plans for improving planet Earth. While we still have the time to do so. 

The San Mateo County coastline, near Año Neuvo State Park, California.
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