Merlot Liberation Front Dispatch for 29.01.21

[Copy of a dispatch posted on The San Francisco Chronicle’s Yelp page @11:15am, Friday, January 29, 2021]. Our Demands Are The Following: Esther Mobley and Soleil Ho, the chief wine and food critics for The San Francisco Chronicle, should attend an unspecified number of unofficial events in Santa Cruz , California starting in summerContinue reading “Merlot Liberation Front Dispatch for 29.01.21”

The Golden State Wine Chronicles : An Update.

The final scene of “Driving Miss Mobley” will soon be available on Medium ( later today. Once posted, it will join the other scenes from all 4 previous acts, plus the prologue, to form a completed screenplay. Next up? Submitting an edited version to screenwriting fellowship competitions this spring.  Here is the logline, in caseContinue reading “The Golden State Wine Chronicles : An Update.”

The Golden State Wine Chronicles: An Update.

The penultimate scene of Driving Miss Mobley is now available on Medium. The final scene will be published this Friday, and the entire screenplay will be submitted to screenwriting competitions and fellowships this spring. A huge thank you to all who supported this writing project in person and on social media (Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Tumblr,Continue reading “The Golden State Wine Chronicles: An Update.”