Arc Collective: The Prologue

Prologue: Dear Madame Govnah’ The Honorable Ms. Staci Simpson, M.A. (multiple), J.D., MD, Ph.D. Governor’s Tower State Governance, Corruption, and Lobbying District Level 4 1600 Crab Claw Way NW Hagerstown, West Maryland, 113°34’56’’ The Outerlands of the American State System (O-ASS) Amazon Corporate Confederacy, District NA-003 Milky Way Galaxy, Star Sector S11, Planet E-III TheContinue reading “Arc Collective: The Prologue”

Arc Collective: Book 1 of the Chronicles of Econtopia (Front Materials).

Arc Collective Book One of the Econotopia Chronicles Written by D. C. Winters * There is no question that D.C. Winters has written the most vulgar work of Young Adult dystopian-utopian, twenty-second century fantasy/sci-fi/romance literature in the entire known history of the English language. And the use of footnotes is atrocious! We should know, becauseContinue reading “Arc Collective: Book 1 of the Chronicles of Econtopia (Front Materials).”

The Yelp Manifesto 1.25.2020

The Yelp Manifesto, Review #1 As an unpaid Yelp reviewer with plenty of free time on my hands, I often read the Chronicle, especially the wine and food columns written by Esther and Soleil. The Press is also a convenient online resource for discovering new winemakers and tasting rooms and for for planning weekend getaways.Continue reading “The Yelp Manifesto 1.25.2020”

Driving Miss Moblee: The Complete, Unabridged Screenplay (as previously posted on Yelp).

Driving Miss Moblee: The Screenplay By Bradley N. “The Yelp Whisperer” Acts and Scenes Prologue:San Francisco Bay Area Act I: Napa Valley Act II: Sonoma Plaza Act III: Santa Cruz Mountains Act IV Santa Cruz Act V: Santa Cruz and San Mateo County San Francisco Chronicle Print Media 901 Mission StSan Francisco, CA 94103 4Continue reading “Driving Miss Moblee: The Complete, Unabridged Screenplay (as previously posted on Yelp).”

Driving Miss Moblee: An Online Odyssey

This message is for Ms. Audrey Cooper, the first woman to be Editor-in-Chief of the San Francisco Chronicle daily print and e-edition newspaper and affiliated SFGate web site, including The Press. Dear Ms. Cooper, If it is not too inconvenient, could you please contact Esther Mobley @theSFChronicle and ask her to help my husband outContinue reading “Driving Miss Moblee: An Online Odyssey”