Golden Songs from a Golden Heart: Reflections of Mark Knopfler’s First Solo Album

It took me ten years to realize how fantastic Mark’s debut solo album, Golden Heart, truly is. That’s right: it took me ten years to realize that “Golden Heart” is an amazing solo debut album by Dire Straits’ frontman, Mark Knopfler, whose father left Hungary to escape the Nazis and whose wife, Kitty Aldridge, mustContinue reading “Golden Songs from a Golden Heart: Reflections of Mark Knopfler’s First Solo Album”

Gender Non-Binary Civil Rights: An Online Movement for the 21st Century

I just posted the inaugural issue of The Chronicles of Nonia on Revue, Twitter’s new long format news and opinion web site. It is a newsletter that showcases the talents and identities of gender non-binary writers, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental activists, and business entrepreneurs. As America’s newest and least known minority group, gender non-binaries areContinue reading “Gender Non-Binary Civil Rights: An Online Movement for the 21st Century”

The Core Principles of Green Product Design

An Urgent Appeal to Silicon Valley The time long has passed since Silicon Valley was an epicenter of paradigm-shifting technological innovation that inspired the world. It has become a comfortable place of entrenched institutional power instead. Nowhere is this more evident than in the failure to excel in the field of cutting edge green productContinue reading “The Core Principles of Green Product Design”

Big Dreams in the Big Sky

A modest review of John Mayer’s 2013 album, Paradise Valley. Anyone who reviews this album without mentioning “Montana” has clearly missed the point. Dear John, I think that I had to move to Montana to realize what a gifted artist you are. Without the Big Sky, it is all just hot air, isn’t it? CaseContinue reading “Big Dreams in the Big Sky”

America’s Backroads with Jeff Bezos: Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Boulder Creek, CA

Episode 2: Bosch Icon wiper blades. Unofficial transcript of a conversation between founder, Jeff Bezos, and founder, Bradley Naranch. Jeff: Hi everyone, and welcome to Episode 2 of “America’s Backroads with Jeff Bezos,” a new Amazon Studios documentary series in which I explore the hidden corners of the American landscape in search ofContinue reading “America’s Backroads with Jeff Bezos: Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Boulder Creek, CA”

Merlot Liberation Front Dispatch for 29.01.21

[Copy of a dispatch posted on The San Francisco Chronicle’s Yelp page @11:15am, Friday, January 29, 2021]. Our Demands Are The Following: Esther Mobley and Soleil Ho, the chief wine and food critics for The San Francisco Chronicle, should attend an unspecified number of unofficial events in Santa Cruz , California starting in summerContinue reading “Merlot Liberation Front Dispatch for 29.01.21”

The Golden State Wine Chronicles : An Update.

The final scene of “Driving Miss Mobley” will soon be available on Medium ( later today. Once posted, it will join the other scenes from all 4 previous acts, plus the prologue, to form a completed screenplay. Next up? Submitting an edited version to screenwriting fellowship competitions this spring.  Here is the logline, in caseContinue reading “The Golden State Wine Chronicles : An Update.”

Rites of Passage (2000), by the Indigo Girls: An Appreciation

How many rites of passage must we endure in a single lifetime? It’s still a good question: how many rites of passage must we endure until finally we mature into the adults that we fervently hope to become? I’ll bet the Indigo Girls ask themselves this question all the time.  Does listening to the IndigoContinue reading “Rites of Passage (2000), by the Indigo Girls: An Appreciation”

The Golden State Wine Chronicles: An Update.

The penultimate scene of Driving Miss Mobley is now available on Medium. The final scene will be published this Friday, and the entire screenplay will be submitted to screenwriting competitions and fellowships this spring. A huge thank you to all who supported this writing project in person and on social media (Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Tumblr,Continue reading “The Golden State Wine Chronicles: An Update.”