Mission Statement

Choose Your Path Wisely.

Our Green Principles


The ultimate inspiration for all green products comes from nature. Without fostering lifelong connections to nature across the generations, there will never be original and lasting solutions to the climate crisis or any other of the many environmental problems we face. Ask yourself: will your new product improve life on the planet not just five years from now but fifty or one hundred years into the future?


Green products do not simply compete with existing ones on the marketplace. They fundamentally redefine their genre by revolutionizing the concept of consumer goods utility. How often and in how many different ways can your product be used before its value is expended? How can its useful lifespan be extended by repurposing or rebranding? Can it be used by consumers creatively in ways that you may not even have envisioned?


Green products are designed in sustainable ways that allow for their recycling into base components as part of a natural cycle. They are built to last but also can adapt quickly & flexibly to changing market conditions and consumer preferences. They evoke timeless & classical forms but become sources of contemporary fascination for buyers and potential future buyers of all ages and backgrounds on a potentially global scale.

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