“Jammin’ with Jeff Bezos” – Episode 1: Redmond Real Salt® at The Redwood Bistro

Redmond Real Salt.

Unofficial transcript of a conversation between Amazon founder and world’s wealthiest man, Jeff Bezos, with Amazon Associate, Bradley N.

(Recorded live in at The Redwood Bistro in San Mateo County, California).

Jeff: Well, thanks for the invitation to visit with you. What a lovely spot!

Bradley: Well, Jeff, thanks to you for coming out here. I’m glad that there was room for your helicopter to land nearby. With all these redwoods around, it’s not so easy to find level, open ground.

J: Not a problem. My pilot is the best! 

B: I’m really excited to be part of this new program, in which you invite Amazon Prime customers to talk with you about one of the products they’ve purchased recently on Amazon that has literally changed their lives for the better.

J: Well, I’m really excited, too. This is an amazing opportunity for me to witness up close and personal how the products we feature on Amazon are changing people’s lives by influencing their consumer buying habits that they have built up over years, often decades, of prior practices. 

B: You are definitely doing that! In fact, the product that I want to talk with you about is an absolutely prime example of how Amazon is reshaping the average American consumers’ shopping habits at the most basic and fundamental levels.

J: Tell me more. I’m all ears!

B: Salt! The real kind. Redmond Real Salt®.

J: Real salt, you say? Isn’t all salt real?

B: Not really. Most of it is highly processed and comes from unspecified countries of origin where labor laws and environmental protection regulations are murky, at best. I’m talking about Redmond Life’s amazing tasting, unrefined mineral salt that is mined in America, in Utah, where the company is based. They’ve been around since 1958, actually.

J: That’s a lot longer than Amazon!

B: True, Jeff. True. But look around you, at all these old trees that surround The Redwood Bistro. Most of these here are probably only a few hundred years old, but if you explore the property, you’ll find stumps of some that were clearly much, much older. 

J: How old are we talking?

B: Over a thousand years in some cases, even 1,500 years or more. A few misshapen giants that escaped the logger’s saw blade still exist in the open space preserves that protect much of the remaining forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains from further development. But guess what? Redmond’s ancient pink sea salt is even older. Like millions of years older, when salty ocean water covered the land that is now today’s Utah.  It’s protected by layers of ash and sediment and has never been polluted or messed with. That’s why this salt tastes so amazingly good. I use it with almost everything I cook here at The Redwood Bistro.

J: Like what?

B: Each winter, I purchase whole king salmon fillets and do a Scandinavian style salt cured gravlax with organic sugar, dill, and juniper berries. I serve it with oven baked rye bread, a nice Jarlsberg cheese, freshly grated horseradish, and pickled vegetables from our summer garden. And pair with a West Sonoma Coast cool climate Chardonnay from Littorai.

J: Yum! I hope you’ll invite me to dine with you next year! Can I bring a friend?

B: Sure. That’s the best part about the 6-pack value bundle of Redmond Real Salt® in the big, 26 ounce packages. You can easily stock up on a year’s supply of salt with one easy order on Amazon Prime. And when you do the math, your cost per ounce is so much better than what you’d expect to pay in a brick and mortar grocery store. Even at Whole Foods, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Redmond Real Salt – 6 pack.

J: No, that’s fine! My concept for Whole Foods isn’t to try to compete with box stores or our online business partnerships, like the one we maintain with Redmond Life that allows us to offer such a great deal on their products. Whole Foods is more about the customer shopping and dining experience. That’s why we’re adding craft beer and wine bars, themed food mini-restaurants, and lots of appealing fresh produce and things like that. But even I must admit: we’ve got nothing like the view you have here at The Redwood Bistro!

B: Yes, these redwoods are really quite special, aren’t they? And the view of the Pacific Ocean isn’t all that bad, either. Maybe you should consider buying a place in the neighborhood, Jeff. We’re only a 30 minute ride from your Amazon offices in Palo Alto.

J: That’s an interesting thought. But we’re talking salt, not real estate. Tell me a bit more about how ordering Redmond Real Salt® using your Amazon Prime account has literally changed your life for the better.

B: Well, Jeff, that’s kind of obvious, don’t you think? I mean, it’s salt we’re talking about. Salt! That I’m no longer buying at the grocery store. I am ordering an annual supply at a great price that is delivered directly to my doorway here at The Redwood Bistro. It has virtually replaced all my other salt-related purchases. No Maldon flakes. No salt mixes from Penzey’s or McCormick or Trader Joe’s. 

J: Actually, now that I think about it, ordering Redmond Real Salt® on Amazon is a perfect example of how we’re changing America’s consumer buying habits. You’re right. It’s salt! What is more elemental and essential for the human diet than that? As a human community, we’ve been buying salt in small quantities from local grocers and merchants for thousands of years. Tens of thousands, probably. And usually it was produced locally or else was shipped from far away in bulk. But now you’re enjoying unrefined, ancient pink sea salt containing dozens of trace mineral elements from the state of Utah, and my company is helping make that happen. Amazing!

B: Actually, Jeff, it goes even deeper than that. Having all this great tasting, American made, ancient fine sea salt at my disposal has changed the way we cook here at The Redwood Bistro. 

J: It’s actually changed the way you cook?

B: Definitely. Redmond Real Salt® has such amazing taste that I use less dried spices, sauces, and other ingredients when I am finishing a meal or plating dishes. And as I mentioned earlier, I’m salt curing things like king salmon, which in the past I might have purchased from a gourmet foods purveyor like Williams Sonoma or Dean & DeLuca – at a massive markup on their ends. And, since I recently acquired a copy of Sandor Katz’s fantastic book, The Art of Fermentation ($28 on Amazon), I’ve also been making sauerkraut and other pickled and fermented vegetables and even fruits, using Redmond Real Salt® of course.

J: Very cool! Very cool, indeed. 

B: But it gets even better! On a recent visit to your new Amazon 4-Star store in Berkeley – which I reviewed positively on Yelp, by the way – I also picked up a copy of The Noma Guide to Fermentation co-authored by René Redzepi, founder of the 3-Michelin starred Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, and David Zilber ($25 on Amazon, quite the discount on the $40 retail price). And that book, too, has really been a revelation. Now, I go into the woods on wild foraging expeditions all the time. When I return, I make simple salad dishes with things like redwood sorrel, mushrooms, berries, and miner’s lettuce prepared with raw apple cider vinegar and a sprinkle of Redmond Real Salt®. That’s it! People just love it. They respond to the freshness, the simplicity, the purity of it all.

J: Well, you’ve convinced me! I better check with my personal chef and kitchen staff to see if they’re using Redmond Real Salt® in the foods they prepare for me. And make sure to gift them copies of those fermentation cookbooks you mentioned. In fact, I’m going to call them right now. Let’s wrap this conversation up, then, Bradley. It’s been fascinating, but all this talking about food has made me hungry. I’m really looking forward to trying the dishes you’ve made using Redmond Real Salt® for us and the “Jammin’ with Jeff Bezos” recording crew. What’s on the menu?

B: Local pasture raised pork tenderloin with morel mushrooms, red flint heirloom polenta, early girl tomatoes, Armenian cucumber, and freshly foraged miner’s lettuce with garden-grown arugula. All prepared using Redmond Real Salt®, of course. And a wild berry coffee cake for dessert, which also has a 1/2 teaspoon of Redmond Real Salt® in the ingredients list.

J: And to drink?

B: A local Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir from Big Basin Vineyards. And a 2017 vintage Chardonnay from Woodside Vineyards. Because this meal will definitely pair well with both.

J: That all sounds so delicious! Let’s get started then. I can’t wait! And remember: when you’re jammin’ with Jeff Bezos, you’re always “primed and ready for a really great time” ®.

[end of transcript].

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