The Reusable Bags of San Mateo County

Go Giants! Local sporting team bags are always in fashion.

I love my local Saturday farmers’ market, located on the spacious & scenic College of San Mateo campus on a section of the parking lot facing the East Bay & city of San Francisco. Watch closely on a clear & sunny fog free morning, & you can even see jet planes landing at the nearby SFO airport.

Viewpoint overlooking the East Bay.

The vendors are all wonderful, but so are the patrons. And at least two live music performances liven the mood as well.

Live musicians play for tips & the love of performing before a live & diverse audience.

Visiting the College of San Mateo Saturday farmers’ market is pretty people watching par excellence. And what is more, they carry some of the coolest reusable bags you can imagine! This article is dedicated to them, each & every one. Because we can all do our parts to save the planet, one less plastic shopping bag at a time. Cheers! Hope to see you at the market again real soon, ya’ here?

Follow the steps to a happier & healthier planet Earth!

Bring insulated soft sided coolers (like Yeti or Coleman) as well for locally ranched beef, lamb, chicken, & pork plus local seafood & pastured organic green range eggs.

Once you have a good collection of reusable bags, you will be ablow to shop with ease, safe in the knowledge that you, too, are doing your part to reduce waste while also supporting your local farmers, orchard owners, ranchers, & fisherpetsons. You CAN do it. It’s more easy than you might think.

Frida Kahlo would be so pleased …

Also, some vendors drive in from Southern California & the Central Valley, which ensures year round fresh citrus & locally grown avocados in season, during the winter months. There is fantastic coffee as well from Ikon roasters in South San Francisco.

Free coffee drink of your choice with 12 oz. whole or ground bean purchase.

To be be “always green,” bring your own coffee mug as well. Being green isn’t always easy, but as Kermit the Frog once said, it is worth it!

Reusable coffee mugs prove that you are “always green.”
Monogrammed or logo branded bags are always a stylish choice.
Even brown paper bags from Whole Foods can be reused a few times at the market.
You can get creative and use a wooden wicker basket to wear on your back as well.
The possibilities are endless!

Also, there are portable restrooms and hand washing stations in one section of the market that are ADA compliant.

No pets or smoking permitted at the market.
Political candidates & petition signing stations are permitted with prior approval.

Why not visit the College of San Mateo Saturday farmers’ market (8:45am to noonish) this coming weekend & join the celebration? Bring a cool reusable bag with you, & it may be featured on my Instagram, Twitter, or Yelp accounts. With your permission, of course! The more people who buy into the “always green” Earth-friendly agenda, the better off we ALL will be!

A 100% accessible market.
Some bags have sense of humor than others ..,
Many different ways to pay.
Save some loose change or small bills for tips!
Really great artichokes for sale as well.

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