Downtown San Jose’s Reed Street historic district is more than meets the eye.

Stately Victorian on South Sixth Street.

I know what you are going to say. Another “historic district” designation. Just a fancy way to wallpaper over ongoing gentrification, right?

Drought tolerant plants are also part of the area’s idiosyncratic charm.

Not so fast. Downtown San Jose isn’t a Potemkin village where the warts have been excised & growing pains hidden behind a slick surface of freshly applied house paint. Here, they do it differently. Here, they really care.

An old growth redwood tree protected from harm in the Reed Street historic district.

Yes, the restored Victorian mansions ARE still spectacular, but so are all the affordable rental properties and the bevy of electric scooters available for rent near to the downtown San Jose State University campus.

Mayor Sam Liccardo & the local city council are working hard to attract new businesses while also attending to the diverse multicultural and multilingual needs of city residents and also visitors.

Eclectic scooter montage.

There is more here than meets the eye. Public parks. Small businesses, like Academic Coffee & Nueva Imagen hair salon for women and men.

Academic Coffee sources from Temple Coffee Roasters in Sacramento, California.
“1 & 1” espresso & macchiato service.
Gender neutral restroom at Academic Coffee.

Plus, there is great food as well and convenience stores for 24/7 service. And even a little lending library at a nearby park.

Choosing a book from the Reed Street historic district’s Little Lending Library.
Nueva Imagen front entrance.

So spend some quality time exploring the area on your next San Jose visit! You may just discover much more positivity & community spirit than you or your traveling companions expected.

I cannot recommend a walk here highly enough if you have love in heart & urban adventure on your mind.

Electric scooters in their charging stands near to SJSU campus.
California Wet Burrito outdoor sidewalk dining.
Lovely front porches here.
Undergoing renovation even as we read …
Urbanization done right!
All city’s need public green fun spaces like this!

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