Intertwined Redwoods @theinnercore.

The inner core of the sempervirens117 medicine wheel is an intertwined pair of living coastal redwoods foraged from nearby the cottage. They evoke the ancient, fire scarred old growth redwoods pictured on my WordPress landing page that you can visit in person on the Craig Britton Trail in Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve. Trail maps and trailhead parking information can be found at the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Preserve web site, which also includes downloadable maps. It is Silicon Valley, after all.undefined

Walking the three concentric circles of the sempervirens117 Kings Mountain Medicine Wheel can stimulate your inner powers of creativity and compassion and help you heal past injuries and perceived slights.

If you would live to walk the wheel on your own, in exchange for a modest unspecified donation to help me maintain this sacred site, please contact me for directions and to schedule a chaperoned visit. Verve pourover single origin coffee, Reishi green tea, Fieldwork hazy IPA beer, glasses of Santa Cruz Mountains red, white, pink, or sparkling wine, or basic Venus Spirits Distillery gin, whiskey, or blue agave (tequila) cocktails can also be provided to you by me on the occasion of your visit, in exchange for cash to cover the costs and effort required on my part to collect, store, and serve these drinks in proper ceramic vessels or glass stemware.

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I am a content writer and founder of, an eco consultancy based in Woodside, California that assists Silicon Valley companies in developing greener products and promoting sustainable Earth solutions on social media. I offer team training sessions year-round in Northern California.

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