Always Green is Easier Than You Think.

Sempervirens117 has one single goal: 100 years of a healthier planet. In 17 simple steps, we’ll show you how. In 2121, we won’t be here, but hopefully humanity still will.

We’ll do our part to extend Earth’s lifetime warranty.

The question is: will you?

Bradley Naranch, Founder at Sempervirens117

Sempervirens117 is a boutique consultancy that partners with corporate groups and non-profit organizations around the world to help create the viable foundations for a greener and more sustainable economy.

In Latin, “semper virens” means “always green.” The scientific name of California’s majestic coastal redwoods is Sequoia sempervirens. Our company got its start in a redwood-shingled cottage in the sleepy Santa Cruz Mountains town of Woodside, near to the city of San Francisco. The cottage’s street address is 117. After many long and arduous hikes into the surrounding redwoods – during all seasons and weather conditions imaginable – our founder had a vision for how he could do his small part to create the foundation for a better, greener, and more sustainable world.

His vision was this: that the rugged and beautiful natural landscapes bordering Silicon Valley held untapped and virtually limitless potential as immersive open space classrooms where tech professionals could be shown how to unlock fully 100% of their creative potential, so that they could help solve the problems associated with advancing global climate change. The lessons they learned could, in turn, be disseminated widely over the Internet through social media, leading to cascading positive effects on a worldwide scale that could help combat climate change. While our client base has expanded considerably since then, the incandescence our founding vision has remained exactly the same.

Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve plays host to one of the four day-long team training workshops we offer in Silicon Valley.

We offer a unique set of six team training sessions designed to strengthen group cohesion, collaboration, and decision-making abilities, improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills, impart advanced textual, oral, and listening literacies, and instill the core logic, first principles, divergent thinking, and social media mentalities essential to becoming a successful player in the new green economy.

We teach our revolutionary 17 Simple Steps to Sustainability outdoor learning modules during Day-Long Workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and over the course of 5-Day Team Building Retreats that take place in Mendocino County and near Santa Cruz, the locations for each of which we have carefully selected to meet the overall learning objectives of each session.

In addition to our outdoor learning modules, each training session includes Farm-to-Table Meals, daily Seminar Discussions, tours and tastings at Local Organic Wineries, Craft Breweries, Farms, or Ranches as well as fun Group Bonding Activities. Collectively, they will help you establish the necessary team trust, morale, and momentum to supercharge your company’s or organization’s green economic growth path on to the road to Zero Carbon and Net Neutral GHG Emissions.

Group discussions over delicious organic farm-to-table food and drink are an essential part of our 4-day team building retreats.

Our 2021-2022 offerings take place in some of the most beautiful and pristine parts of Northern California. All are within relatively short drives from San Jose, San Francisco, and SFO International Airport. We work closely with each of our clients to create unforgettable team learning experiences tailored to their needs so that they can become more effective in designing workable business models that benefit the bottom line while mitigating the harmful impacts of human activity on the overall health of the planet.

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Rugged and beautiful Navarro Point Preserve, in Mendocino County, California is the location for our immersive interactive learning module, “Sensory Deprivation/Sensory Augmentation,” which takes place during our 5-day corporate retreat in Anderson Valley wine country.

If you still wish to learn more before you decide, feel free to browse the Retreat, Workshop, FAQ, and recommended Gear general information pages using the embedded links, header list, or dropdown menu above. From there, you can visit the 17 Simple Steps to Sustainability learning module page or find out more about our Founder’s Vision and our Core Principles.

If you’re interested, please check out our blog, Dispatches from the Bear Republic, or read up on global change change entrepreneurs and visionaries in our Profiles in Green Power long-format profile section. And you can always follow us on Twitter (@sempervirens117) and Instagram (@sempervirens117) or see our latest posts all in one place from our Scenes from Social Media page. Or just Gmail us (

We’ll respond in kind by visiting your own pages, social media posts, and in general see where and how we can connect on matters of sustainability, renewables, and green tech. We’d love to discuss with you practical ways to reduce waste, preserve natural landscapes and protect vulnerable ecosystems, and slow down the breakneck pace of human-induced climate change.

Otherwise, scroll down past the lovely-looking San Mateo County coastal beach picture below to continue reading. We think you’re really gonna like what you discover.

The San Mateo coastline, less than a 45 minute drive from SFO airport, is an important team training site for our “Growing a Greener Economy” corporate retreat in the Pacific coastal redwoods.

What makes the sempervirens117 team training model unique compared to the competition? Our founder is a summa cum laude graduate from top-ranked liberal arts Williams College and has a Master’s and Ph.D. in global history from Johns Hopkins. After graduating, he then studied as an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation humanities postdoc at Stanford and spent four years teaching in Montana while exploring widely remote and wild landscapes in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.

As a result of these diverse experiences, the 17-step interactive outdoor learning module method our founder invented is the only Sustainable Solutions Team Training method on the market today that recreates the outdoor schools of Classical Athens, which helped to establish the foundations of Western civilization.

We have painstakingly adapted this ancient open space learning model by adding new content and techniques to meet the dynamic challenges of the twenty-first century. We also have updated the Athenian learning model to serve the diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds of our global array of female, male, and gender non-binary clients. And instead of going all the way to Greece and wearing a toga, our clients get to come to California, and have a fun time learning how to be think greener and live more sustainably instead.

By setting all our team training sessions in public open spaces in nature, we create opportunities for inspirational thinking and brainstorming that indoor classrooms or online learning tutorials simply cannot match.

In addition: we don’t deliver endless lectures on the need to combat climate change or stress the political urgency to take action. We don’t talk politics, period. Neither do we overwhelm our clients with tons of complicated policy information or arcane scientific data on why their companies should become more sustainable. We recognize that those who come to us already have taken such messages to heart.

That’s why we prefer to let our clients decide how to respond as a business to what’s happening with the planet. Our goal as Experienced Outdoor Educators is to provide them with the opportunities and training grounds needed to strengthen their climate survival skills and add new implements to their analytical tool kits – so that they can design, build, and generate the creative, out-of-the-box solutions that the rest of humanity so desperately needs.

Much of the motivation that we need to build a greener and more sustainable economy can be found in nature. Our corporate retreats remove you from the stresses and distractions of the workplace and immerse you in relaxing, scenic settings so that your team can stop worrying about shirt-term deadlines and overdue emails and get down to more serious, long-term thinking and planning for the future.

Our team training sessions are geared for all Business Professionals, including Executive Level Managers, interested in implementing sustainable solutions for their companies that will reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and optimize our use of declining natural and non-renewable resources.

We offer hands-on, results-oriented learning modules guaranteed to deliver immediate and practical results. We provide an ultra-premium product and will return the entire fee for our services if our clients are not 100% Satisfied by their experiences.

The Boonville Hotel in Anderson Valley, northern California, plays host to our innovative “Augmented Sustainability” corporate retreats in 2021-2022.

Our revolutionary team learning modules have been designed and are taught exclusively by our company founder, who left a successful academic career behind to devote himself full-time to environmental entrepreneurship as as way to express his personal commitment to saving the planet.

Sempervirens117 training sessions focus on developing a Cross-Functional Set of 17 Interlocked Learning Skills, including: first principles thinking and core logic training; mindfulness practices for the workplace; micro- and macro-level observational awareness; group-based decision making; alternative forms of leadership; and content-rich online communication strategies and social media mentalities that can help them to connect more effectively with key market demographics.

Our objective is to unlock the hidden creative talents of our highly motivated clients, so that they will go on to invent the solutions humanity needs to survive this century’s climate challenges and thrive into the next. They are the Change-Makers of Their Generation – not us. Our founding mission is to offer them the opportunities for experimental learning that will help them catalyze a brighter future.

The San Mateo coastline is 45 minutes from San Francisco but feels like a world lost in time.It plays host to our “Growing a Greener Economy” corporate retreats, which include stops in Santa Cruz for food, drink, and BBQ.

Finally: we at Sempervirens117 are pragmatic optimists with an unshakeable faith in the powers of the human mind to combine creativity and common sense, when aided by steady advances in new technology, to respond quickly in times of impending crisis.

While the topic of climate change can be a daunting one, being able to discuss it in serene outdoor settings as part of a team building retreat is an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively on finding practical short term responses that your business or organization can implement quickly and confidently.

We are personally committed to helping build the infrastructure for a newer, greener global economy that will be a win-win for the biosphere and humanity both. If this is a vision that you and your company also share, then let’s connect and see what we can work out – together.

Please contact us using the green button below if you’d like to find out how your company can sign up for a retreat or workshop. We’ll work with your HR or PR Teams to customize an experience that is right for you, go over the last-minute details for planning your trip, and help prepare your team for the incredible experiences in store for them when they arrive on location in the Golden State.

We look forward to seeing and talking with you soon.

Old vine Zinfandel after the fall harvest at Ridge Winery in Sonoma County. We make a group tour stop here before arriving in Anderson Valley to sample Ridge wine and learn about the accelerating trend towards sustainable and organic farming practices in California Wine Country.

Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Steve Jobs

How can we enjoy all the foods and beverages we love but do so more responsibly, without compromising the long-term health of the planet in the process? What sorts of agricultural and food choices do we as a society need to make to provide affordable and accessible nutritional options for all while reducing carbon emissions as well?


How can we live in better balance with nature while not negatively setting back economic growth and recovery cycles in the process? When we spend quality time in pristine outdoor spaces undisturbed by the ravages of economic overuse, can we discover the hidden secrets that will unlock a brighter and more sustainable future for humanity as a whole?


Where should we set aside some of the Earth’s abundant natural resources for future generations to enjoy in protected statuses that limit development? What is the proper mix of nature and culture in our built environments -between high tech lifestyles and unspoiled natural beauty? And will the private sector or government play the leading role?

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